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How to prepare your house or office for the Plastering contractor in Auckland?

Do you have any plan to plastering your house? If you are looking for plastering your house, as it looks tired while living in Auckland, go for the professional because plastering is a precise task.

It needs a professional to do it for you. The rest of the work like painting; you can do it by yourself. Even for plastering, you can do a few things before calling the contractor to minimize the cost of work.

What are the Preparations?

You may take the following preparations before plastering. Let’s dive into it:

1.   Cleaning before calling plastering contractor:

It is always advisable to do proper cleaning of the place before going into any sort of plastering in Auckland.

2.   Removing wallpapers saves you a lot:

If there were wallpapers preinstalled in your house or office but you are willing to have a plaster out there, make sure to remove them first. Nowadays, wallpapers are also becoming common, but most people prefer plastering over wallpapers to ease maintenance over a more extended period. If you ask the plastering contractor to remove the wallpapers, he would charge you some extra money, and paying extra money for a super easy task is not a good decision.

3.   Filling the pits or holes in the surface:

After removing the wallpapers, the next and the most crucial step is to make your wall or any other surface ready for the plastering contractor to start the work. If there are small holes, the 5-10min plaster is the best option. But if the gap is significant, then first fill them with GIB plaster. The best way to close the crack spaces before letting the contractor start the plastering in Auckland is to use screen tapes. But if the work is complex, leave it for the contractor if you are not an expert.

Choosing the correct type of plastering in Auckland:

When cleaning and everything is done, you are just one step away from calling your plastering contractor. That is to choose the type of plaster you want to be well prepared to quote with the contractor. It also helps in selecting the right contractor for the particular type of work. We are giving a list of some famous kinds of plasters available in Auckland with their designated uses:

  • Dry Plasters: Dry plaster is the widely used plaster by most builders. It also comes with fire-resistant as well as acoustic properties. In making partitions, such types of plasters are mainly used.
  • Cement Plaster: The cement plaster, with a cement-sand ratio of 1:3, is best against parasites and bugs. So, if this issue is teasing you, and you are looking for its plastering solution in Auckland, then you much give it a try.
  • Ornamental plaster: As the name indicates, this particular type of plaster is mainly used for aesthetic works and strength. It’s expensive and difficult to install, so the cost factor must be in your mind before going for it.

There are others like cement plaster, wet plaster, gypsum plaster, and many more. So, the thing is to choose the right one for your intended use, clean the surfaces and make them ready for the plastering contractor before he arrives.

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