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How to find a good plasterboard supplier in Auckland

Nowadays, technology has reached the apex point of its glory, but still a long way to go. The construction industry is no more exception from it. Whether it’s machines or techniques, everything is modernizing with every changing day.

GIB board or plasterboard is one of such stupendous innovations of this century. GIB boards are a quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional plasters. Plasterboards help designers and builders to meet the building regulations for acoustic insulation, fire protection, and thermal efficiency. Even these plasterboards possess an excellent noise reduction ability.

If you are looking for Plasterboard supply in Auckland, let’s do it together. Before you call any contractor to visit your residential or commercial building, make few things clear:

What to Look For Before Choosing a Plasterboard Supplier?

If you try to find any good GIB supplier in Auckland, the first problem you face is choosing the right GIB board, depending upon your needs. Let me make things easy for you:

  • GIB Wideline: Best for horizontal surfaces. This particular GIB supply will give your floor surface a smoother appearance with the least number of joints.
  • GIB Fireline: Ideal for buildings or places that are prone to fire. This GIB supply in Auckland will safeguard your belongings in case a fire erupts.   
  • GIB Aqua: As the name elaborates, it deals with the surfaces that somehow interact with water. GIB aqua protects the surfaces like floors or ceilings from the devastating effects of water. 
  • GIB Noiseline: If you are looking for a conference room or study room in Auckland, prefer this particular plasterboard, as it would reduce all the unwanted external noises. It is also preferable if you want to reduce noise transmission between various floors of the same building. A thick layer of GIB board would reduce noise transmission, resulting in a calm environment inside.
  • GIB Toughline: If your residential or commercial building is in direct contact with heavy blows or impacts, then this particular GIB board is ideal for you. It will reduce the intensity of heavy blows or impacts, thus protecting the surface from damages.
  • GIB Toughline + Aqua: This particular GIB is a blend of many traits at once. If you want to have impact plus fire-resistant structure in moist conditions, then this plasterboard is there to fulfill your desire.
  • GIB Superline: This specific GIB board has all the characteristics at once. Whether it’s fire resistance, noise resistance, impact resistance, or water resistance, this particular GIB got you covered.
  • GIB Superline: Such GIB board provides an ultra-smooth finish due to its fine grains. This particular type of plasterboard is preferred for such rooms or places where we spent most of our time because they provide a very catchy and pleasing look.
  • GIB X-Ray: This particular GIB board is one of the most advanced of all. It serves to protect from harmful transmission of X-rays at medical facilities, dental or veterinary practices.

There are others like GIB Quietline (sound-proofing), GIB Weatherline (air proofing), and many more. So, depending upon the desired function and need, choose the right partner for your walls and ceilings.

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