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How to Get a Painting Service in Auckland at Cheaper Rates?

Are you looking for painting services in Auckland without spending too much? Are you worried about how to paint your house without spending too much money? 

Then we got you covered. We will take you through the best practices, tips, and tricks that you can perform to minimize your Painting cost while living in Auckland.

What issues cause a hike in the painting cost?

The following issues may cause a hike in the painting cost:

  • Wallpapers: Nowadays, usage of wallpapers is getting common in Auckland, but for any reason, you want to replace them with paint, remove them by yourself. It was two benefits. Firstly, it would reduce the direct labor cost. Secondly, you will become aware of wall unevenness well before the painter visit your commercial or residential building or site.
  • Damp Patches: Damp patches can increase the painting cost as they can’t be painted directly. The Best way is to apply sealant before calling the painter.
  • Stained Ceiling: Before you think about getting the painting services in Auckland, make sure to wash the stained surfaces by yourself. It can help you to save a lot of your labor as well as material cost.

Some practicable steps to reduce the painting cost:

The followings are some easy but cost-effective steps while availing the painting services in Auckland:

  • The bigger it gets, the cheaper it becomes: If you are looking to paint a single room or a portion of your house or residential building, then wait for some time until you are ready to take it all at once. Working in chunks adds extra transportation, labor as well as material cost. Secondly, it also costs the aesthetics, as delays lead the paint to fade away with time. So, better to consider all at once.
  • Off-season work gets you a better deal: Aucklandersprefer to paint their houses in the summer season ranging from December to February. So, market rates went high. So, if you are looking to lessen the painting cost, prefer off-season like May to October. During the offseason, painters offer relatively cheaper painting services in Auckland.
  • Daily rates hurt you more: Contract or fixed price is always a better and safer option to opt for, as issues may lead to delay of work, which results in a cost hike. Also, make sure to get a cost that is GST inclusive.
  • Supply the paint by yourself: It’s always preferable to buy the paint by yourself. Let me give you some reasons for such a claim.

Firstly, paint colors vary somehow with the brands. Dulux and Resene are leading brands but expensive at the same time. Make sure to buy from the correct brand instead of leaving it totally to your painter.

Secondly, there’s a huge variety of colors as well as paints. Some paints are better for interiors while others are suitable for the exterior, some are better for residential, while others suit commercial buildings.

In short, depending upon the need and usage, choose the right one for you, by yourself, because most of the painters have affiliations with one or another brand. So, their commission might decrease the quality of paint or increase the painting cost.

You can contact Proactive Interiors for any kind of help. So, choose wisely, act accordingly and save effectively.

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